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Anti-Tick Compression Storage Bag for Clothes

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An easy-to-use vacuum seal bag where you can store seasonal clothing into a compact plastic bag. Especially great for travel or organizing.

How to use:
-Thoroughly dry the item before use. Mites or mold can form when clothing is stored damp.
-Fold the clothing to a size that is appropriate for the vacuum seal bag.
-Gently wipe the inside of the fastener parts with a dry cloth.
-Slowly slide to close the bag while securely sandwiching the slide. Use your fingers to check that the fastener part is securely closed.
-Allow a small opening for vacuum nozzle to suck our air and compress the items
-Once compression is achieved, completely close the storage bag.

Suitable for storing 2-4 thin clothes

Estimated storage period is about 6 months

Material: Saturated polyester resin, polyethylene, polyproprene, aromatic compound
Product size: Width 30 cm x Length 40 cm
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