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Cherry Print Vacuum Seal Travel Storage Bag

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Ideal for storage and travel, it significantly reduces the size of your clothes compared to when it is normally stored inside a bag. Maximizes the space in your luggage or home so you can have more room for other essentials.

How to Use:
1.Dry items completely before storing. If stored while damp, it might result in mold. In case of dry-cleaning store the items after drying completely by shade for several hours.
2. Fold the items to put in the bag in accordance with the size of this product. If you put too much items in one pack, it will be difficult to compress the product. Please note that this product may get damaged if too much force is used. Please use on a clean surface.
3. Wipe the inner zipper lightly with a dry cloth. If foreign objects are trapped, air will enter.
4. Close the bag by holding from the end of the double zipper but leave a small portion open.
5. With a space of approximately 1.5 inches open, remove air from the bag by rolling up from the bottom. When you cannot compress by rolling up, fold the bag in half and compress by pressing down on the pack.
6. After compressing, close the opening immediately.

Material: Polyamide Polyethylene
Product size: 32cm x 0.1cm x 42cm
Contents: 2 pieces

NOTE: This item comes in multiple colors, please indicate your preferred color in the notes section or our customer service will contact you for your preference
Available Colors: Blue, Pink
*Subject to availability in-store
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